CO2 Galvo Marking & Cutting



Large Format Laser Cutting

The size of  the laser system you choose can make a difference to your bottom-line.  When choosing what size  laser system power and work area you need, consider the following:


  • Will the largest size sheet/piece of material to be placed on the bed ?  
  • Will you primarily be using sheet stock 4'x8'? or larger?  
  • Will you be  running production  batches   
  • Will the products you are cutting be primarily small cut and/or engraved pieces?  
  • Will the products you run be primarily large pieces
  • Are you looking at a new laser system because you have a current system that cannot handle the volume or size of work you need to process?
  • What is the average thickness of the the material you intend to cut?
  • What is the percentage of thick materials vs. thinner materials you intend to cut? For example would 10% of your cutting be 1" thick and the remaining be less then 1/2" thick Or do you need to primarily cut thick materials?
  • Will you require a system that can both cut and engrave at high speeds?
  • Are you just starting out or do you have existing business
  • Do you have a laser system now and if so what needs does it meet and what needs does it fall short?
  • Have you established a budget for a new laser system?

    If you answered yes to  many of these  questions, then you should be  considering the Vytek GX and L-Star Laser Systems.  These are our large format cutting  and engraving systems.


     The L-Star comes with standard size work beds of 4’x4’, 4’x8’, and 6’x10’ with power options up to 250 watts. The L-star is the ideal system for companies that are looking to cut primarily materials less then 3/4" thick and also want to combine high speed engraving in a single system. The GX comes standard with work areas of 4’x8’ and 6’x10’ and with power options to 1000 watts the GX is ideal for high production shops who want to cut thick materials up to and above 1" and where medium production engraving is acceptable. The GX can also  be built in custom sizes to meet your needs. Talk to a Vytek representative about which Vytek cutting system is right for you. 


    Size does matter!