CO2 Galvo Marking & Cutting





Galvo or GantryWhen deciding on what the right technology is for your application consider the differences between Galvo and Gantry systems. Vytek defines our laser technology into two areas Gantry and Galvanometer systems.


Gantry laser systemGantry systems are best described as XY plotter systems because they move the laser above the material to be cut or engraved. These systems are best utilized in wide format applications (24" or 600mm or above), when cutting thicker material substrates (1/64" thick and where tight tolerance cutting is needed or when large area engraving is required. Vytek Gantry systems are made in sizes from as little as 24" x 36" all the way up to 6' x 10' and are an excellent choice for cutting and large engraving applications.


Galvo laser systemsGalvanometer (Galvo) systems are based on moving mirror technology similar to what is used to create laser light shows. The mirrors make small adjustments in mirror angles to move the stationary laser beam in different directions within a specific cutting or marking area. Vytek's advanced Galvo systems use a range of laser types including sealed Co2 and Fiber laser technologies so you can choose not only the best positioning method but the correct laser light for the job. The advantages of the Galvo system are speed. in fact Galvos can be up to 10 times faster then a gantry based system but have limits on the work area usually cannot exceed 24" x 24"  Talk to a Vytek representative to learn more about gantry and galvo technologies and what is best for your company.