CO2 Galvo Marking & Cutting





Metal marking

Metal marking can be accomplished with either a CO2 or fiber laser system. If using a CO2 laser you must first pretreat the metal with either Thermark or Cermark before marking and then wash it off after. Care must be taken when pretreating the metal to apply the Thermark or Cermark in an even, thin coating. Then when marking the material you must use enough power to adhere the material to the metal, but not too much that the material is burned away. After marking the metal part must be washed and dried.


Fiber laser systems do not require the metal to be pretreated to produce a black mark. The metal is heated with the laser and the carbon from the metal is brought to the surface producing a black mark. Fiber lasers can also engrave the metal, and you can combine engraving and producing a black mark by changing the laser's settings.


To see more information regarding CO2 laser systems check out the FX3 page. The MX is a gantry based fiber system, the FiberCAB is a galvo based fiber system.