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Vytek's training program

FREE training at Vytek's Fitchburg MA facility is available with every system we sell. And training remains free for the entire time you own our equipment. That means if your employee is promoted, or leaves the company you are able to send your new employee to be trained and certified. All you need to do is pay for their travel expenses. We want you to be successful with your Vytek equipment.


On-site installation and training can be arranged for an additional fee.


Our training program contains step-by-step manuals that explain each task in easy to understand terms. They also include detailed illustrations to help you locate the feature you are learning about.


Each software lesson in the training program contains a video that shows you every step needed to complete the lesson or task. These videos are used during the training program, to ensure a consistent level of quality in our program. They are also provided to you on CD for future reference, or to help others at your company learn our system.


Vytek's lab features state of the art computers and highly-trained certified instructors. Our teachers have over 18 years of Photoshop experience, as well as an extensive laser background.


Class size is small to ensure individual attention. Our goal is to teach you to create the best possible product in the least amount of time. We want you to leave class with the ability to produce a quality product, which will be worth more to your customers.