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Laser cutting

Laser cutting is a process by which the light energy from a laser beam strikes a work piece and applies an intense heat which then separates the material into desired shapes. Cutting is almost always a vectored process (as opposed to a raster process).  It is defined by the cut width, cut depth, and direction of the cut.


Successful laser cutting takes into consideration several different factors.  One consideration is the light energy absorption and reflection properties.  This helps to determine the energy density and beam profile needed.  Another important factor is the physical characteristic of the material, ie thickness, length, width, glues or bonding agents and in some cases moisture content.   Laser Cutting materials can cause re-melt, splatter, and outgasing as well as flaming up so it is important to take into account the physical properties. Using the proper gas, gas flow and fume exhaust system can mitigate some of these adverse and unwanted side effects. 


Laser cutting requires a unique combination of technical and artistic skill sets; however, it opens a highly specialized and profitable market niche that can expand your business. 


Vytek  laser systems are able to achieve a smoother, faster and more accurate cutting than competitive systems on the market as a result of managing the perfect balance between all the factors associated with cutting. Talk to a Vytek representative  to learn more about laser cutting and choosing the right laser system for your company.