CO2 Galvo Marking & Cutting





Laser wattage needed for raster engraving

How much laser wattage you need to engrave depends on the material and how much you will need to produce.


Raster engraving stone does not require a lot of power, a 35 watt laser is fine for this purpose.


If your primary business is engraving glass you will need to purchase a 100/120 watt, water cooled laser. Lower wattage laser system will fracture the glass, causing sharding. A higher powered laser system will reflow the glass. Your etching will be even and have no sharp edges. Glass is a sensitive material to engrave and the laser must be water cooled. You will see banding with a air cooled laser.


Our Stone Carving process can be done with 35 watts or more, but you will achieve greater throughput with a 65 watt or greater laser system.


Wood can be engraved with 35 watts, but 65 will provide greater throughput. If you want to do 3D engraving 65 is the minimum amount of wattage you should consider, a 100 watt laser system will provide faster and better results.