For which applications are Vytek laser systems best suited? Lasers are used for a wide variety of applications including cutting, engraving, and marking. Vytek systems are ideal for cutting plastics, wood, textiles, and light gauge metals. Images can be engraved on glass, acrylic, granite, marble, and woods. Metals, plastics, and silicon can be marked with labels, logos, or text. Steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and titanium react especially well.

Laser cut acrylic letters

Which materials are best suited for laser cutting? Vytek lasers are best suited for plastic, acrylic, and wood cutting.

What types of lasers do you offer? Fiber, YAG, Green, CO2, and UV lasers are available.

Can I learn to use a laser? Yes, training is included FREE with every system we sell. Vytek's lab features state of the art computers and highly-trained certified instructors. Our teachers have over 18 years of Photoshop experience, as well as an extensive laser background. Our training program consists of step-by-step manuals and videos that are used in the training program and are provided to you to take home and review later or share with others at your company.


I need customized equipment built, can Vytek work with me to reach my goals? Yes. Vytek's dedicated engineering group has over 100 years of combined experience. Using a fully integrated 3D design linking directly to the manufacturing department, prototype to production is measured in hours not days.

Why should I purchase a Vytek laser system? Simply put, quality.

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Image lased on granite using FX2What is raster engraving? Raster engraving is applying bitmap or digital images directly onto a contrasting surface with a laser. An example would be this vintage photograph of a WWII solder which was scanned and processed in image editing software on a computer. Then the granite stone was placed on the laser's bed and the prepared file was lased onto the stone.

What materials can be engraved? Marble, granite, wood, acrylic, glass, anodized aluminum, and leather are good choices.

What is laser marking? Laser marking is a technique of marking on material surface directly by a laser. The technique is classified in several kinds depending on laser kind (wavelength) used and marking system. Compared with printing by ordinary ink, the technique is considered friendly to the environment since no peripheral equipment is required and no solvent or the like is used. It is used for inerasable printing since the product itself is permanently modified.

What types of materials can be marked with a laser?Annealed stainless steel - FiberCABThe answer depends on the wavelength of the laser used. Fiber lasers can be used to mark metals with a nice black mark. Pretreating the surface of the material is not necessary saving time and cost of additional chemicals. You can also create a deep mark into the metal, or create a frosted look which is a lighter mark. With a CO2 laser wood, acrylic, glass, and stone can be marked.