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CO2Cab Accessories

• Rotary Indexer 3 Jaw Chuck and Tailstock Center


Fume Extraction Options

• HEPA/Charcoal Filtration System for in door Air Exchange


Table Options

• Vytek offers a range of table options including Honeycomb, slat support, pin and custom options Fume systems including activated carbon filters to high velocity fume pumps in various sizes and capacity



F-Theta Optics available with various field sizes:

• F100mm@1’064n

• F160 mm@1’064nm

• F254 mm@1’064nm

• F330 mm@1’064nm


• F100mm@532nm

• F160 mm@532nm

• F254 mm@532nm


• Special Telecentric Optics and beam shaping optics available











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