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Specifications for the GX System large format laser cutting system


Dimensions GX4848 GX4896 GX610
Depth 82" (208 cm) 130" (310 cm) 165" (1394 cm)
Width 85" (215 cm) 85" (193 cm) 1150" (254 cm)
Height 58" (147 cm) 58" (110 cm) 58" (110 cm)
Working Field
Work Area 52"x52" (132x132) 52"x100" (132x254) 80"x125" (203x317)


Additional Information:
Drive Type: AC Brushless Servo Motors
Laser Type:

Sealed CO2 Laser Tubes

Up to 1000 watts
Maximum Cutting Speed: 20 IPS
Accuracy: <.004" per ft (.01 mm per 300 mm)
Interface: Ethernet
Beam Delivery: Hybrid Flying Optic
Focus Optic: 2", 3", 5", and 7.5" FL Optics
Warranty: 2 Year Parts and Labor





Standard GX Configuration

• Down Draft Table System with 2 drawer scrap collection system


• 32-Bit Motion Electronics with Ethernet Interface


• High Speed Precision AC Servo Drive System


• Remote Hand Held Pendant


• 5.0" FL Optic Assembly


• Optic Cleaning Kit & Maintenance kit


• Beam Alignment Kit


• Operator Guard


• Air Assist Plumbing & Regulator with Auto on/off Gas Saving Option


• Fix Mounted Blad Table System


• LaserWorx CAD/CAM Cutting Software


• Limited 2-year warranty (ask sales associate for full details)