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L-Star LS Accessories

• 75 watt laser upgrade


Fume Evacuation System:

• 110/208 Volt 1 HP Fume Pump with 20' of hose

• Updraft Fume Hood

• Air Pump (120V)


Software Options

• Laserworx Vector Software, Basic or Advanced (Cutting software)

• Basic

• Advanced (includes Advanced Nesting)

• Raster Photo & Image Engraving Software

•High Performance Computer/Scanner combination with 17" flat panel display with software pre-installed.


Table & Fume Extraction Options

• Hydraulic Lift Table Option for LS3048 ONLY (500lb capacity)

• 5' Roller Track for LS3048

• 10' Roller Track for LS4896

•Honeycomb Cutting Table


Other Options

• Integrated Laser Diode Pointer (red dot pointer)

• 1.5", 2.5” 4” FL Optic

• Extra 1" Mirror (need 2 per machine)

• Extra 3/4" MIrror (need 1 per machine)


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