The LS3648

Vytek invented laser etching for memorials, way back in 1989 and since then Vytek has become the most widely used laser etching system worldwide. Through relentless innovation Vytek continues to lead the industry. Now Vytek is proud to introduce the most flexible and user friendly system ever built The L-Star LS3648 laser etching system. Vytek's newest addition to the family of laser etching systems is the answer to the mid-size monument companies that need a complete solution that saves space and at an affordable price. No, we did not import the LS from China it is made right here in Fitchburg, MA USA by American workers. We design, build and support our customers worldwide and this is our only business. If you're thinking about adding laser etching to your company then consider Vytek L-Star series the #1 laser etching system worldwide.


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Made in the USA

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Our Philosophy

Develop the best ideas then design and build the best products using American made materials and American workers and offer them to our customers in a fair no nonsense way.


Straight Talk
We are not going to insult your intelligence by telling you can have something for nothing or that just buy a laser and you will be a success over night. What we will do is shoot straight with you and tell you the whole story. Vytek will provide the highest quality products for an outstanding value. Vytek will provide the best training to get you going quickly and Vytek will provide the best support after the sale.


The Other Guys
Vytek is not one of those Johnny come lately’s selling laser systems on the internet or technology imported from China.  What we are is an American company working hard to sell high value products at a fair price and offering great support after the purchase. The other guy’s products well they may not even be legal to sell in the US. Those guy’s are not helping our economy with their selling games or their imports with suspect quality, inferior technology and little to NO support. WHY put up with this?


What You Really Want
We know that whatever we sell and however we sell it that it must be straight forward, honest and at a very fair price no games. We know you need a full featured laser etching system. We know that you need a great price, but you also need all the features. Real design software, a rugged machine that can survive in the rough environment. Real lasers not a glass tube that may not last 3 months. And most of all you need a partner now and in the future as you grow. This should all come with the best training and support from a company with a long history in the monument industry.
USA Made!
If you’re like us you stop and look at where a product is made before buying it, so you want products that are really made in the USA, but that you can afford and without compromise. So why can’t a US company build a great laser system at a great price? Well they can and Vytek did and is proud to offer, “The L-Star 3648 Laser Etching System.”