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The Axiom is our largest and most flexible Galvo system designed to allow either 2 or 3 axis configurations with active work areas up to 3’ x 6’ (1000mm x 2000mm). The Axiom is utilizes ultra high precision XYZ positioning system allowing the galvo to be repositioned at high speeds over the work area of the system. The Axiom is available in a range of wavelengths 532nm,1070nm and 10.6nm (CO2) and delivers an unprecedented  combination of fast scanning, speed, and large working area that meets the most demanding laser system challenges.


C02 3 Axis Gavo laser system


The Axiom can be configured for a wide range of manufacturing challenges including


  • • Step and repeat marking and cutting
  • • Conveyor part movement
  • • Table tray fixtures
  • • Multi-head/Multi-laser configurations
  • • Roll to Roll
  • • Large and small rotary fixtures for cylindrical parts
  • • Industry standard Robot Interface
  • • Automatic, semi automatic and manual parts handling systems
  • • Automated vision systems for product alignment



  • • Character & Logo, Visibility, Barcode & 2D Matrix Code Readability
  • • Excellent for Marking: Metals, Plastics, Ceramics, and Composites & More!
  • • Annealing - Black surface marks on metals created by bringing carbon to the surface
  • • Surface Etching - Creating high contrast surface marks by changing the material characteristics without material removal
  • • Ablation - Shallow, permanent marks with some material removal
  • • Engraving - Deep marks in all materials for performance or 2D, 2½ D and 3D effects
  • • Cutting of thin materials
  • • Solar panel processing



Stainless Steel annealed with a CO2 galvo laser system

Stainless Steel


Wood marked with a CO2 galvo laser system

Blackened Steel


Mylar cut with a CO2 galvo laser system








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