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Axiom Specifications


Cabinet Dimensions 98.5" deep x 64" wide x 77" high
Working Field

72" x 24"

Drive Type High-Speed X/Y Scan Head Plus X/Y/Z Motion
Writing Speed Up to 200 inches/second
Cooling System Air cooled (no chiller required)
System Compatibility Windows 2000, XP, Windows 7
Z-Axis Programmable, motorized, or manual
Laser Class

Class 1 system enclosure


Laser Wattage and Wavelength Choices

Fiber: (1070nm-1090nm) lasers up to 500 watts

CO2: (10.6 micron) lasers up to 400 watts

ND:YAG: (1064nm) diode-pumped solid state lasers

UV lasers: (355nm)


Available Marking Fields

Up to 24" x 24"



Standard CO2Cab X3 Configuration

• 3 Axis Galvo-based scan head


• LaserWorx Software


• Motorized Z Focus System


• Class I Full Enclosure


• Limited 2-year warranty (ask sales associate for full details)