No More Bull!

Finally a laser marking system priced right with all the features of systems costing twice as much.


The Compact™ is a high performance, feature packed marking system ready for just about anything you can throw at it.


The Compact™ boosts a large work area while remaining bench top size and is standard with a true 20 watt fiber laser and best of all it is made right here in the USA.


Need a larger work area?
The Compact Elite™ can accommodate a 25.5"x25.5" part size, while remaining a bench top model. And like The Compact™ comes standard with a true 20 watt fiber.


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Laser Marking Equipment Made in USA

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Our Fiber Laser Philosophy

Compact Laser Marking SystemDevelop the best ideas then design and build the best products using American made materials and American workers and offer them to our customers in a fair no nonsense way. Only in this way we can build a long term relationship with our customers.


No More Bull!

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out what was wrong with the way laser marking systems are sold. The market is dominated by companies selling you equipment that is two or three times the price or the Johnny come lately’s selling laser systems from their basement or on the internet that use ancient technology and are imported from China. In fact many of these systems may not even be legal to sell in the US. These guy’s are not helping our economy with their selling games or their imports with suspect quality, inferior technology and little to NO support. WHY put up with this?


What You Really Want

We know that whatever we sell and however we sell it that it must be straight forward, honest and at a very fair price no games and NO BULL. We know you need a 20 watt laser, not a 5 or 10 watt laser like those the other guys offer. We know that you need a great price, but you also need all the features. A programmable Z, a large work area with good access and you have to have GREAT software with all the extras. This should all come with the best training and support from a company with a history in the industry.


Direct Part MarkingLet's Do It Right!

We are just as fed up as you are with all the mis-information the price games and the old bait and switch or the suspect quality from some of those imports. So we decided to do something about it. Build a laser marking system without compromises and sell it at a fantastic price and offer ALL the details right up front. You get all the details including the price (the real price) right here with our online quote. You don’t have fill out any forms or even give us your email address everything is right here for you to see NO BULL.


Many have told us we are making a mistake we should force you to give us all your details then make you talk to a sales person. We don’t think so, we believe if we are straight and upfront with you then that will establish trust and lead to a long term business relationship.


Of course don’t get us wrong we want to hear from you and if you would like us to contact you we would be more then happy to. Vytek has years of experience designing, building and selling lasers and our expertise is second to none. So even if you’re not ready to buy we are always happy to help in any way we can.

USA Made!

If you’re like us you stop and look at where a product is made before buying it, so you want products that are really made in the USA, but that you can afford and without compromise. So why can’t a US company build a great laser system at a great price? Well they can and Vytek did and is proud to offer, “The Compact Laser Marking System”