C02 3 Axis Gavo laser system FiberCab X3

The FiberCab X3 and the Multi-Wave X3 series provide a revolutionary approach to laser marking and laser cutting applications with the use of three axis galvo technology. The X3 series combines the high speed of a galvo with the ability to address excessively large working fields. The X3 can achieve a field size of up to 2'x2' (600mm x 600mm) on its own and, with our OEM series, an even larger one. The key to the X3 is how the three axis galvo technology works; the laser beam is delivered to a unique high-speed dynamic focus module which is in sync with the galvo mirrors. This process is done at galvo speeds and allows the focused spot to be adjusted in real time over the full working field.


The X3 features:

  • • Large depth of focus up to four times greater than a two axis system for the same spot size
  • • Spot size remains the same over the entire working area
  • • Variable spot size is adjustable based on user needs
  • • Unprecedented laser cutting and marking speeds exceeding 200 (IPS)inches per second
  • • Laser power choices from 5 watts to a 1000 watts
  • • Field sizes from 12" to 36" in an enclosed format and to 72" in an open format or OEM module
  • • OEM system modules available for production line integration
  • • Integrated diode pointer with preview scan mode
  • • Large table loads of product can be processed in a single setup


The X3 base system is a precision heavy steel structure designed specifically to reduce the effects of the surrounding vibrations while offering a thermally stable support structure. The galvo assembly is fixed mounted over the work area 24" (600mm) above the table assembly. The table system is a precision ground cast aluminum deck that is mounted to a precision Z stage and integrates both cross and down draft fume/dust extraction manifolds within the table structure.


The Multi-Wave X3 can include up to two laser wavelengths in a single beam path 532nm (green) and 1070nm (IR) allowing the user to choose the right wavelength for the job with a simple key stroke.


Our X3 systems are fully enclosed Class I devices that can accommodate multiple lasers from 5W to 1kw and wavelengths from 355nm to 1070nm.


  • • Flexible 3-axis laser scan head system
  • • Cost effective solution for large field scanning
  • • Most compact design for small focused spot size
  • • Synchronized dynamic focusing module
  • • Largest standard field size in the industry
  • • Highest accuracy
  • • Full range of mechanical and optical configurations



Stainless Steel annealed with a CO2 galvo laser system

Stainless Steel


Wood marked with a CO2 galvo laser system

Blackened Steel


Mylar cut with a CO2 galvo laser system

Stainless Steel






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