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Types of laser systems

Vytek Laser manufactures a wide range of laser based systems but for all practical purposes, our equipment can broken into two areas including Gantry and Galvo systems.


Gantry systems are XY systems because they either move the laser above a sheet of material or move the material in XY in order to position the head in a predetermined area. These systems are best utilized in wide format applications (24” or 600mm and above), when cutting thicker materials. Vytek laser builds Gantry systems as large as 8’ x 12’ with laser powers exceeding 2000 watts and are best suited for thick cutting or large area engraving.


Galvo systems make small adjustments in mirror angles to move the stationary laser beam in different directions within a specific Marking/cutting area. The advantages of the Galvo system are speed. Typically Galvo systems are between 5 and 10 times faster then gantry systems depending on the application and are ideal for thin cutting as well as high speed marking and engraving Vytek Laser builds Galvo systems with work areas up to 4’ x 4’ and laser powers exceeding 1000 watts.